Baseball Prop Betting

Baseball prop betting is an exciting option for betting on MLB games.
If you are looking for fun yet breathtaking bets, then Baseball prop bets should be a staple on your MLB betting ticket.


Baseball Prop Bets (MLB Props)

It is said that proposition betting started with baseball props back in the 1870s. And to this day, MLB proposition bets are as popular as ever. And with each of the 30 MLB teams playing a total of 162 regular season games, there are lots of props to bet on!

A popular MLB proposition bet is the winner of this year's World Series. Sportsbooks would list the teams and their corresponding odds like:

Detroit Tigers +675
St. Louis Cardinals +800
Atlanta Braves +900
Cincinnati Reds +1050
Texas Rangers +1100
Field -1700

The underdogs are marked with a "+" sign, while the favorites are marked with the "-" sign.

If you bet on the Detroit Tigers and they win the World Series, you get $675 plus your original $100 wager for a payout of $765.

You may notice "Field" in the list of teams. There is no team in MLB named "Field" but this represents the rest of the teams not on the list.

So if you bet on the "Field" and let's say the New York Yankees win the World Series, you get $100 plus your original $1,700 wager for a payout of $1,800.

Pennant winners are also a popular MLB prop bet. Sportsbooks would list teams on the American League and National League and their corresponding odds just like in the World Series.

MLB Match Props

Sportsbooks also offer numerous proposition bets for every MLB match, this include:

  • Team to Score First
  • Score in the 1st Inning
  • 1st Inning 3 Way Line
  • Runs+Hits+Errors
  • Adjusted Run Lines
  • Team Totals
  • Total Runs Odd/Even
  • Game to go Extra Innings

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MLB Player Props

Sportsbooks also offer a host of proposition bets for individual MLB players like:

  • Who will be named the Most Valuable Player
  • Who will get the Cy Young award
  • Who will be named the Rookie of the Year
  • Who will be named Manager of the Year
  • Who will get the Gold Glove Award

Place a proposition bet on your favorite baseball team or player now!

World Series Championship

Sunday, November 01, 2020 | 08:00 pm

Team Odds
Arizona Diamondbacks 45/1
Atlanta Braves 14/1
Baltimore Orioles 1250/1
Boston Red Sox 50/1
Chicago Cubs 30/1
Chicago White Sox 35/1
Cincinnati Reds 25/1
Cleveland Indians 35/1
Colorado Rockies 125/1
Detroit Tigers 1000/1
Houston Astros 8/1
Kansas City Royals 500/1
Los Angeles Angels 35/1
Los Angeles Dodgers 4/1
Miami Marlins 1250/1
Milwaukee Brewers 45/1
Minnesota Twins 20/1
New York Mets 20/1
New York Yankees 7/2
Oakland Athletics 35/1
Philadelphia Phillies 30/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 350/1
San Diego Padres 60/1
San Francisco Giants 350/1
Seattle Mariners 500/1
St Louis Cardinals 18/1
Tampa Bay Rays 25/1
Texas Rangers 65/1
Toronto Blue Jays 125/1
Washington Nationals 14/1